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March 15, 2009 1 comment

So you’ve no doubt heard of Coldplay. Keane? Snow Patrol? All bands I’m sure you not only have the albums of, but also believe that they are the forefront of European rock, the first of their kind. Well, my dearest indie darlings, you’re wrong. (Not to throw aside those bands, of course. I’m a fan of all three.) Of course, there’s Radiohead, the king of it all, but tell me: have you listened to Travis recently?


Not listening to Travis is, in short, a travesty. They have twice been awarded British album of the year at the annual BRIT awards, and are considered to have paved the way for such bands listed above: Coldplay, etc. They’ve released six studio albums and have received good reviews on all of them. (wikipedia)

I know this is almost blasphemous to say, but on some days I prefer Travis to Radiohead. I know, gasp. But they have a very easygoing nature to their music, one that while Radiohead still retains in their older stuff has gone the way of global superstardom. When I want an intimate music experience, I turn to my little wonder bands. Travis is not little by any stretch of the imagination, being huge stars in their native Scotland and the surrounding areas, but it makes me feel better. So I wonder: are you ready to make friends with Travis?
(off the album The Invisible Band)
“The Humpty Dumpty Love Song”
(off the album 12 Memories)
“Love Will Come Through”

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