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SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Featherstone.

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Michelle Featherstone is a British American indie singer-songwriter who is perfect for a late night. I’m describing that time where you’re not quite ready for bed, but it’s not time for a rock bonanza or anything. I’m talking about that time of night that sings its own song, and it’s up to you to find what it’s saying in your extensive collection of mp3’s. Well, look no further, because you have found the voice you’ve been looking for.

Michelle Featherstone

Featherstone’s music has been featured in many independent films as well as numerous television shows. I’d liken her voice as a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Rachael Yamagata, slightly smoky but sweet too. Featherstone also plays the piano, a fact that is featured in a majority of her songs. Yes, I’m a sucker for classical instruments like the piano, but when paired with a voice like hers, who isn’t?
(from the album Fallen Down)
“I Will Be Fine”
“Coffee & Cigarettes”

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