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February 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Larrikin Love.
English four piece indie rock band from London.

Larrikin Love

“Consisting of Edward Larrikin (vocals), Micko Larkin (guitar), Alfie Ambrose (bass) and Coz Kerrigan (drums), the band were one of the cornerstone outfits of what NME named the ‘Thamesbeat’ scene. They experimented with many different styles of music including punk, reggae, calypso, and bluegrass, and tend to add something of an Irish folk flavour to the typical indie sound. While often compared musically to bands such as The Clash, The Pogues and The Libertines, the band draw many of their lyrical influences from literature, including writers such as Rimbaud, Wilde and Orwell.” (

If not for their unfortunate split in 2007, Larrikin Love would be one of the foremost bands in the indie-folk fold. With their literary references (which I love) and unique style that borrows from almost the entire world, they’re like your quirky traveler of a best friend.

(from the album The Freedom Spark)
“Happy as Annie”