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FEATURED ALBUM: Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple.

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple. (2005)

Fiona Apple

“Her music is rooted equally in early jazz, pop, and alt-rock and is fundamentally based on very personal poetic verses backed up with progressive production often featuring instruments such as the french horn, optigan or even a full orchestra.” (Wikipedia)

I have to thank my roommate for this one, and maybe by proxy my neighbor across the hall. Of course, I had heard of Fiona Apple before, but I never bothered to listen. However, by virtue of constant playing, I have discovered the values of a certain piano-playing fruity-named woman.
Apple conjures up smoky images of an old jazz age, with tumbling waves of blues and rock and pop washing over the listener. As she pounds on the piano keys, I think of shadowed corners and all of the time we might have missed.

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– try –
“Please Please Please”

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