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April 6, 2009 1 comment

Elvis Perkins.
Folk-rock singer-songwriter.

Elvis Perkins

While he played in rock bands, Perkins also developed an interest in the classical guitar, and began to compose music in both idioms. He also wrote poetry, and that gradually morphed into lyrics. After a short stint at college, he began to cultivate the idiosyncratic, highly personalized style that distinguishes his debut album Ash Wednesday.
“It’s been a long journey, long in the coming,” Perkins admits, when he discusses the album, and it took a serious detour on September 11, 2001, when his mother, a passenger on the ill-fated American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles, perished in the attack on New York City’s twin towers, a day before the ninth anniversary of his father’s death. Ash Wednesday has been shaped in part by this tragic event and its aftermath.
Perkins has stated that he “loathe[s] the term singer-songwriter, because it reminds me of open-mic nights and coffee shops and lazy chord structures,” subsequently stating that he would rather be referred to as “a recording artist.”

Oh, what can one possibly say about Elvis Perkins. Ash Wednesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums. It has all of these layers that don’t really become apparent on the first listen, or even the second. His lyrics can easily be compared to amazing poeticisms that one rarely hears in music today. He’s a work of wonder in itself.

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(from Ash Wednesday)
“While You Were Sleeping”
“All the Night Without Love”
(from Elvis Perkins In Dearland)