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FEATURED SONG: “Earthquakes and Sharks” – Brandtson.

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Brandtson is an indie rock band formed in 1996 in the great americana that is Cleveland, Ohio. Their music is very poppy without being sugary, and in each song the beat bounces along in a way that makes them perfect for any sort of extended period in a motor vehicle. The song “Earthquakes and Sharks” off the album Hello, Control is a perfect example of the beachy rock style Brandtson does so well. It was featured in an episode of The OC back in the day, which shouldn’t deter you as much as tell you what sort of song you’re in for. It cheekily makes fun of Mexico and California, but if they give us half as good of a time as promised, I think I’ll just ignore the warnings.


“Earthquakes and Sharks” – Brandtson.

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