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COVER: “Use Somebody” – Bat for Lashes.

Maybe it’s just me, but Kings of Leon’s songs tend to blend for me. They all play off the rockabilly radio pop that while fun to listen to also tends to get a bit repetitive. (Though on a casual Saturday monopolizing the contents of my dorm room, Kings of Leon is on rotation.) But here one of my favorite songs by them, “Use Somebody”, is covered to the opposite effect by Bat for Lashes.

Bat for Lashes

A pseudonym for English singer Natasha Khan, Bat for Lashes has been complimented by acts such as M.I.A. and Thom Yorke, with Bjork seen at a few shows. She has been compared to Annie Lennox or Stevie Nicks, and I think that’s a valid comparison. Khan somehow both skims the surface of and dives into her songs, which leads for an almost transparent musical style. Her cover of “Use Somebody” is slower, sadder, but more emphatic because of it.

Bat for Lashes on wikipediamyspacelast.fm
“Use Somebody” – Bat for Lashes.

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