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COVER: “With or Without You” – Keane.

Oh, Keane. You dependable little band. Yes, you’ve been all over the radio for the past few years. Yes, you’ve been accused of being another generic British band riding on the coattails of Radiohead. But I have faith in you. I think that you’re more than that. Though yes, much of your music fits perfectly on radio playlists, you have a certain je ne sais quoi, a quality I can’t quite put my finger on. I affectionately think of you as the gateway drug to other, more indie bands. “You listen to Keane? Awesome! Here’s some other bands I think you should hear….”


But this post is not about Keane the band, or about their discography at all (I’d start with Hopes and Fears, if you’re wondering). It’s about a cover of a song called “With or Without You,” a song that on its own has a reputation and by proxy has been covered by too many bands to count. It’s the pop-rock version of “Hallelujah.” Originally by U2 (of course), the song takes on an almost acoustic property in the hands of these mates. Recorded for a radio show, it’s soft and sweet and minimally deviates from the original. And believe me, that’s more than okay.

Keane on wikipediamyspacelast.fm
“With or Without You” – Keane.

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