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The Reindeer Section.
Scottish indie rock band.

Reindeer Section

Founded by Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody in 2001. He describes the band’s sound as “pretty much all very slow, quiet, folky-type stuff. Stuff that I really love listening to, like Low, for example, and Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and all that end of things. It’s sort of inspired by those records rather than by the American rock music that inspired me to start a band in the first place.” The Reindeer Section arose – according to Lightbody – out of a chance get-together of musicians at a Lou Barlow gig in Glasgow in 2001, at which Lightbody drunkenly laid down the challenge to others to “make an album together”, to which everyone said “yeah yeah”. Lightbody “went home and next day wrote the album” and later convinced Johnny Davis of Bright Star to fund a recording session and release the proposed album. The group met over three days of rehearsal and ten days of recording to produce the first album.

In addition to Lightbody and some of his Snow Patrol mates, this supergroup has a rotating roster of musicians from such bands as Belle & Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub, Arab Strap, and Idlewild. It keeps with a pattern of slow, moving rock, but it remains affecting anyway.

(off the album Y’all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear!)
“Will You Please Be There for Me”
(off the album Son of Evil Reindeer)
“I’ll Be Here When You Wake”

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