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FEATURED SONG: “Day Old Hate” – City and Colour.

City and Colour is an acoustic solo side-project fronted by Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green. Green has indicated his view that the “best music for [him] is sad music”, and how that influenced the type of songs he created. He has also said that he “love[s] music to sort of escape to” and the idea of sad music that people could identify with. Green said of the album Sometimes that, “a lot of those songs are written on some of the experiences I’ve been through and stuff and that’s just how I deal with it. I just write songs when I’m bummed out and I feel happier.” (wikipedia)

Dallas Green

You may know Dallas Green from his previous band, Alexisonfire. However, when I stumbled upon City and Colour, I knew nothing of Green or his musical past, only of the acoustic goodness I had just discovered. Apparently I was one of the first, because with the advent of his second album, Bring Me Your Love, a short time later, he became an indie darling of the musical magazines.
The entire Sometimes album is full of the kind of guitar-lucking, voice-cracking music sometimes (oh, see what I did there?) needed on a rainy — or just sad — kind of day. I pick this song because of one of my own memories: after hearing some shocking news one night with my good friends, we then had to drive home in silence. I instead plugged in my iPod and played this song. It was like a movie, in the best way possible.
Here’s to your soundtrack.

“Day Old Hate” – City and Colour.

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