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FEATURED ALBUM: Lock-Sport-Krock – Nikola Sarcevic.

Lock-Sport-Krock – Nikola Sarcevic. (2004.)

Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic is a bassist and singer/songwriter from Sweden. He comes from the skate punk band Millencolin, and Lock-Sport-Krock is his first solo album. The title comes from the name of an imaginary football team that he and his brother pretended to play in when they were young. This album is noticeably different from Millencolin’s punk rock sound – it is much more intimate and the genre of the songs varies from country music to soft rock to folk rock. The album also features a number of songs relating to the April 20, 2003 disappearance of his brother Miodrag.

I don’t know about you, but Sarcevic is the embodiment of a teenage adolescence. He started out trying to be punk, as seen with his years in Millencolin. Eventually, he matured, releasing this album that has all the sounds of someone lost trying to be found. And no matter how old we are, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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“Vila Rada”

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