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FEATURED SONG: “Burgundy Shoes” – Patty Griffin.

Patty Griffin is a Grammy-nominated folk-rock/alt-country (there are a lot of genres packed into that description) artist who, through the popularity of covers of her songs in the country and pop realms, has gained acclaim outside of her primary folk circle. She hails from Maine, and is primarily a guitarist, pianist, and vocalist.
The song below is off her album Children Running Through. Of the album, Griffin has said, “I just kind of felt like singing what I wanted to sing, and playing how I wanted to play. It’s not all dark and tragic. It’s a different way for me to look at things. Getting old—older, I should say, I’m not so serious all the time.” It was also said that the album was inspired by her childhood days.

Patty Griffin

Ah, so you say folk isn’t your thing? Bluegrass and country twang just not your cup of tea? Take heart, my friends, I would never force you to listen to something I didn’t have faith in. This song, “Burgundy Shoes,” is simple and light in its presentation, but still completely lovely. It resonates neatly, like a fork against crystal. Here all of the genre nonsense is whittled away until all you have is a small sliver of organic music. Whenever I’m sad in the springtime (though I’ve been known to do it in the winter too) I always listen and feel happy in my melancholy.

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“Burgundy Shoes” – Patty Griffin.

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