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SPOTLIGHT: Rachael Yamagata.

Rachael Yamagata is a singer/songwriter pianist from Virginia, and has rose to a sort of popularity because of her music being featured on numerous television shows, including How I Met Your Mother, ER, One Tree Hill, The OC, and Nip/Tuck. Please don’t let that sway you, because her music is perfect for that emotional crescendo — whether your life resembles a scripted drama or not. She has also accompanied such artists as Rhett Miller, Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, and Bright Eyes on their respective discs.

Rachael Yamagata

I absolutely love Rachael Yamagata. She makes all of her songs intensely personal to both her and the listener, and when certain songs are playing, she inserts herself into your life without making you wonder how you inserted yourself into hers. She’s most likely psychic in that regard, but I digress. Most songs are just her and her piano. The way she dips her voice down into the crevices of a song and pulls it back up at the last moment — beautiful.
Below are two of my Rachael Yamagata favorites, for personal reasons. I hope they become your close friends, as they have already become mine.

(off the album Happenstance)
“Reason Why”
“Worn Me Down”
(off the album Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart)

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