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FEATURED ALBUM: The Loyal – Tiger Lou.

The Loyal – Tiger Lou. (2005)

The Loyal - Tiger Lou

Rock band based out of Sweden.
The band was formed in 2001 by Rasmus Kellerman. On the albums, Kellerman sings and plays nearly all of the instruments himself, but when playing live he enlists the help of Erik Welen, Mathias Johansson and Pontus Levahn.
Kellerman wrote this about the album on the band’s website:
“On ‘The Loyal’ we have used the old ‘cut and paste’ method to an extent, but have also added a lot of ‘live and uncut’ elements to try and blend the two. All the vocals consists of two takes, one in the left speaker and one in the right, a method that was brought to my attention by the late Elliott Smith. It creates a very eerie and panoramic feeling that works really well with the songs and theme of the album.”

The Loyal is one of those albums that makes me feel like hiding underground. It’s deep, dark in places, and raspy like a well-worn tunnel. I could sleep inside the melodies and dream of the springtime.

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“The Loyal”

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